Research Activity


Developing a demand-driven and practice-oriented research work on border security and management issues is a significant objective of the OSCE Border Management Staff College. The College is taking active measures to promote this critical aspect and engage researchers.

The research component of the College consists of two pillars such as facilitating a border-related research and conducting trainings and conferences involving researchers from across the OSCE area.


Cross-Border Research Conference


The Cross-Border Research conference aims to facilitate an open and constructive dialogue between researchers and practitioners based on research works and practical experiences which foster a better understanding of the world’s best practices in resolving border-related issues.

This academic event which is designed to serve as a platform for open discussion between researchers and practitioners is BMSC’s flagship activity in the area of research facilitation. The conference aims to attract research works in order to provide useful and up-to-date information for actions on how to address the threats of transnational nature. Practitioners from border security and management agencies together with researchers are able to have a two-way communication and test research theories against realities on the ground.